CHARACTERISTICS: R 9560 is coated by SiO2,Al2O3 etc and special surface treatment by organic chemicals. It combines high whiteness,high weather resistance and easy dispersion in both water and solvent based system. The most advantage is the much more competitive price compare to other rutile grade tio2 which much welcomed by both domestic and overseas customer.




ACTIVE TIO2 Content %

92,5 min

Whiteness(compare with standard sample)

similar to

Medium particle size: um


Tinting-strength (compare to standard sample)

105% min

Oil Absorption g/100g

24 max



Residue 45um %

0.01 max

105° Volitile %

0.5 max

Water Soluble %

0.5 max

APPLICATION: It is widely used into paints, coating, print ink, paper industry, plastic, synthetic fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, PVC pipe, Master batch etc and it is designed as an multifunction application used white pigment.


PACKAGING: 25 Kg’s multi layer paper


STORAGE: Store in it cool and dry place.




The manufacture of Yillong Chemical products is within the scope of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.






Warning: The information contained in this document is given in good faith and based on our current knowledge. It is only an indication and is in no way binding, particularly as regards of infringement or prejudice to third parties through the use of our products. We guarantee that our products comply with its sales specifications.
















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